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Hybrid was a great buy!

When the U.N. made its most recent Global Warning announcement, Waylander Steve Engler decided to act to significantly reduce his use of gasoline. He wrote us the following: I looked at the Honda Insight (Hybrid only) and the Chevrolet Volt, but in October bought a Honda Clarity! One of the better plug-ins available, I believe. I drive the first 40 miles each day on electricity only. This makes most of my days gas free! Hybrid mileage (for those above 40 miles/day) at

4/13: Wayland Cleans Up!

On Saturday April 13 Waylanders will come out in droves to clean up the roadsides, parks, and trails. Join us for a town-wide Spring Cleaning! The rain date will be April 20. You can clean up any time, anywhere. If you stop by our table at the Wayland Transfer Station (484 Boston Post Rd, right across the river) between 9 AM and 2 PM, you can pick up free bags and gloves, instructions on how to sort trash/recycling, and directions to the

Ever wondered how many Electric Vehicles there are in Wayland?

It’s not an easy thing to find. Our only recourse so far is to the MOR-EV Program (website: mor-ev.org/program-statistics), which provides a variety of information about the adoption and distribution of electric vehicles in Massachusetts. Not all electric vehicles are captured as not every electric vehicle owner applies for a MOR-EV rebate. Neither does it show which of these vehicles are presently on the road. But it gives us an idea of how popular EVs are becoming in Wayland, and around.

EV Batteries in Winter: some tips

Here are four tips from the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy to improve Electric Vehicle Battery range this winter! (source: https://energy.gov/eere/articles/4-tips-improve-electric-vehicle-battery-range-winter) Electric vehicle (EV) batteries charge by moving ions through a liquid electrolyte (more: https://energy.gov/eere/articles/how-does-lithium-ion-battery-work). As the temperatures outside drop, the electrolyte in lithium ion EV batteries thickens and it becomes more difficult for ions to move through (much like the challenge of walking through snow versus dry pavement). This increased resistance results in less EV battery range as more energy is needed